To better understand the ADD/ADHD brain and grow beyond calling it a disorder.

If you think you know what ADD is, think again . . .

THE DOWNSIDE <<------- AND ------->> THE UPSIDE

If you think you know what ADD is, think again . . .

THE DOWNSIDE <<------- AND ------->> THE UPSIDE

Open, but under construction.

No hardhats needed -- only thinking caps.

If you think you know what ADD is, think again . . .


Open, but under construction.

No hardhats needed -- only thinking caps.

If you think you know what ADD is, think again . . .

Dr. Sterling's Current Book

2013's best book on  ADD/ADHD has stood the test of time and adversarial peer reviews. (10/31/2018)

The 2013 Edition of Adult ADD Factbook is Available!

Since its original publication in 2011 and its update in 2013, no other book has educated its readers about ADD as well as the Adult ADD Factbook

Dr. Sterling started on a huge intellectual adventure in 2008 which included the reading and analysis of over 20,000 pages of primary research literature related to ADD, dopamine, working memory, threat response capabilities, norepinephrine, sensory sensitivities, academic success, and intelligence. By 2011, he felt compelled to write about his findings, since the understanding of the underlying common denominator to ADD characteristics within the scientific community was far better and beyond anything available in the public domain. 

What you are purchasing here is the exact final version of the 2013 edition in the form of a fully searchable pdf file. 

This book could have been titled "The Dopamine Paradox." 

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Dr. Sterling shines a bright light on the scientific findings which make it completely illogical to call the so-called ADD brain a "disorder." He points out clearly that the most powerful common denominator and force for producing almost all of the characteristics used for diagnosing ADD is "suboptimal dopamine presence and function for good working memory, but optimal dopamine presence and function for responding to threat." 

Reviewers have labeled the book as ground breaking and paradigm shifting. Give it some time to sink in and you will find yourself understanding so much more about why the Western Hemisphere brainsets are quite different from most other brainsets in the world.  

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ADHD specialist psychiatrist Ron Sterling MD teaches about dopamine at the 2012 CHADD Conference.

Dr. Sterling's mission

This website will be a reflection of what Seattle psychiatrist,  Dr. Sterling, has been reading and writing about since 2008. The thousands of pages of research literature that Dr. Sterling analyzed between 2008 and 2011 compelled him to write and publish ADD ebooks and paperbacks about what has been called ADD - ADHD for more than 40 years. 

The literature was and continues to be clear that the vast majority of all those ADD characteristics you may know about are produced by a powerful common cause. 

The literature also leads to no other possible conclusion than this:  What we currently call ADD is not logically a disorder. It has a downside and a significant upside. So does the non-ADD brain. Which one is the disorder, then? 

It is Dr. Sterling’s hope to make this knowledge more common not only among the public but also among his colleagues in health care. It is unfortunate that it is now over 10 years since a significant turning point took place in 2008 in the research and understanding of the major variables that create both the downside and the upside of both the ADD brain and the non-ADD brain.

It is way past time to start looking at ADD again in the new bright lights of recent significant research findings. 

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Repost with Comments of February 2014 Interview

Viewer repost of Dr. Sterling's earlier,  February 2014, interview.  As of 07/17/2019, it had received more than 19,500 views since October 5, 2016, including 524 likes, 108 comments and 111 subscribers.

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Dr. Sterling's July 25, 2014 Video Interview

Stan Emert of Rainmakers TV, Seattle, Washington interviews psychiatrist Ron Sterling, M.D., about his extensive review of the scientific literature and his book published in 2011 and 2013.  

Among other things, he asks Dr. Sterling "Is ADD even a disorder?"